Day 10 — Cynthia

Sometimes, teaching can feel very thankless. I know that there are students who like my class and appreciate me, but they are overshadowed by the ones who are always looking for favors or special exceptions or constantly complaining about something.

Today, though, I am grateful for the ones who reach out to express their gratitude for me. It helps me to feel a little less pointless, a little less evil:

“I would just like to personally thank you for a wonderful semester! It was truly a pleasure to work with you over the past few months and I really enjoyed your class and learned a lot! Thanks for making my first semester with [school] great!”

“I would like to thank you for a wonderful semester. I feel like I have learned so much, not only about US History, but also about writing in general. It has helped me in all of my classes!”


Day 10–Jen

Every time I sit back here, particularly as the sun turns the dense woodsy area at the back various shades of green, I marvel that this is our yard.

Day 9 – Julia

Today I’ve been irrationally and irredeemably cranky all day, have subsequently cocked up most of the things I’ve attempted (like setting a whole crossword puzzle, only to discover that the whole thing was predicated on a spelling error), and have been additionally out of sorts for needing to find something to be fracking cheerful about.I then overdid it at the gym in an attempt to cheer up, and have been wobbly and headachy and Not Much Fun ever since.

Finally, at 5:30pm, I’ve cracked it. I need a cigarette.  Wrong though it is, I am delighted to be shaking off my 9-hour sulk with a potent mixture of caffeine, nicotine, and fresh air (I know, but there’s a stiff breeze and I hardly ever smoke.) I smoke very rarely these days (10 since NYE?), but I do keep an emergency stash of cigarettes for days when nothing else will do. And boy am I glad that I have the emergency planning skills to be able to rescue myself from myself this evening. Now, to rework that crossword puzzle…


Day 8 — Cynthia

Today, I am grateful for music & singing and what it has brought to my life. Friends (high school, college, alumnae, post-college life), domestic and international travel (Washington DC and Florida while in HS, Costa Rica in college, England/Wales & China in the time since college), and the joy of working hard on something. According to mom, I was not a natural singer and before I entered HS, I didn’t know anything about music. Today, I sing in a local choral group, continue to make friends, get to travel to exciting places. Listening and singing along to my music at work keeps me focused and happy. I appreciate recorded and live music and love to make it with friends.

Day 8–Jen

I heard today that a person who was a close friend in high school lost her mom. So I’m grateful to have both of my parents and a range of family and friends, and will try to take them for granted less often than I probably do.

Day 7–Jen

I missed yesterday as I was at my mom and dad’s all day, and then spent hours working on my family tree. To that end I’m grateful for for making the process easy and fast, comparatively speaking. I’m learning all kinds of interesting things about my prohibition-era family and have created links that at this point date to births in the 1820s-40s. I haven’t fleshed those out yet, mainly because I had to force myself to get off the program and take a shower at noon 🙂

Day 7 – Julia

Monday started really badly for both of us, but then we remembered that we live a beautiful 30 minute drive from here:

We spent a perfect evening surfing (Alex), swimming without a wetsuit (me) (I remember how to swim! whew!), sunbathing, eating homemade pizza and drinking homemade raspberry beer on the beach, and then visiting R&E for gossip and free sunflowers on the way home. Win win win win.