Day 40–Jen

Inlaws who come help. Also, that we’ve made it forty days here on the blog. Yay!


40 – Julia

I’m glad I’m feeling realistic today, and thus successfully cleaning, tidying, and taking lots of clothes to the charity shop. They sort of still fit, but if I never liked them and haven’t worn them for 5 years, why am I keeping them? I feel lighter. Well, wardrobe-wise at least. 



39 – Julia

Feeling quiet today, so I’m grateful that I have happy, animated friends who can carry a dinner party without me! Also delighted to have found the first decent restaurant pizza I’ve ever had in the UK… 12 years of looking (not very hard) and voila!



Day 39–Jen

So I was driving on this stretch of road that’s been under construction forever when I missed my turn off of it and needed to do a u-turn to get back. Grumble. Then I turn onto the road I needed, which is lined in both directions with parked cars. GRUMBLE. Then I realize one is blocking the driveway to the place I’m going, GRUMBLE! and I have to turn around and use their delivery entrance. I’m using all kinds of four-letter words at this point when I realize that all these cars are from people who are parked to go to the mobile food bank. Humbled, I stop grumbling, and thank my lucky stars that my biggest problem today was having a four-minute inconvenience in getting to the paint store to make my house prettier. Clearly these folks are having a harder time than I, and I should remember to be more gracious in general rather than just irritated when my way is made slightly difficult.

Day 39- Heather

Friends.  I couldn’t make it through today without them.  It has been a challenging workday-to say the least-and I’ve ended up carrying the weight of co-workers and program staff who have had meltdowns.  But I’m only one person and I can’t manage it all on my own.  I came close to melting down myself as I tried to do just that.  It took a friend rescuing me from my desk at lunchtime to remind me that, while I try really hard to do so, I cannot control everything.