Day 71 — Cynthia

For becoming carless very shortly, which will be beneficial both financially and environmentally.


Day 71–Jen

I must say, I’m pretty excited we’ve gone 71 days, more or less on schedule. Way to remember the good stuff, guys!

It’s nice that having the Olympics right now means there’s always something to mindlessly watch on TV, even if it’s water polo.

71 – Julia

Grateful to be back home, driving safely and functioning-ish again after being caught out by my vestibular system yesterday.  I haven’t had a Meniere’s-type attack for almost 3 weeks, which is great. I’d even forgotten the warning signs and thus didn’t waste my last Olympics day fretting about why I was so very wobbly. I could have been caught out in a variety of much worse places than my friend M’s sofabed. Whew.

70 – Julia

1. Friends who sort out my messy phone blog spam.
2. Friends who not only let me stay for an extra day and night but look after me wonderfully (by carrying hot liquids but otherwise ignoring or mocking my staggers)
3. What a blissful luxury it was to be able to be here this morning, oncoming wobble and all.

Day 70 — Cynthia

(Really? Wow.)

Ok, today I am grateful for a job at which I can go do the dishes in the middle of the day. You laugh, but it’s nice to be able to neglect them in the morning and clean up mid-afternoon and not have to look at them when I go back into the kitchen to prep dinner.

Days 69 & 70–Jen

I seem to be perpetually a day behind. I plan to post twice in any given day, post once, and forget the second. Alas.

Today I am grateful for our (that is, humanity’s) ability to persevere despite circumstances. And for getting the baseboard done, however less pretty it is than I initially imagined.

Day 70- Heather

I’m very grateful for the experiences I had doing grad research in Alaska.  And I’m very glad that someone I met in a remote village has published a second book, because I get to re-live those experiences when I flip through the photos and see the faces of people that opened their homes and communities to me.

Days 68 & 69- Heather

Day 68- I was supposed to be in NJ/NYC this weekend to celebrate a friend’s birthday, see Shakespeare in the Park and enjoy the city. My foot decided otherwise. So, I’m grateful I have understanding friends, who know I’ll make it out there as soon as I can!
Instead, I spent my day around the Valley at The Bookmill and at a fundraising benefit for a friend so she can attend Yale School of Art. It was an inspiring event and Gen is a fountain of unbridled creativity.

Day 69- I thankfully had the day off, and spent the hours indulging in selfish activities. I didn’t feel guilty at all.