Day 132 — Cynthia

Thankful today to have such loving, generous, kind-hearted friends. Compassion and empathy are underrated qualities in “the world,” but matter a lot to me.


132 – Julia

Got rid of some more stuff today. Such a gratifying activity once it’s done, and such a challenging activity until it’s done. I’m still drowning in paper, but at least I’ve got space to sort it now…

Day 115-131 Sarah

Behind once again, but still very grateful for…

Cool crisp fall mornings and pleasantly warm sunny afternoons, laughter in the classroom with students, good discussions with students in the classroom, history major bonding activities, laughter with my colleagues over drinks, good training runs for my half marathon in three weeks, festing at the Celtic Classic, finding time to work on scholarship, holding on to memories of Rome, and having good health.

131 – Julia

Sunny day, so am at last finally sort of making progress with next phase of garden plans. Also caught some new students mistaking our garden for their garden… again.  This lot were “confused” but apologetic, and left after they’d destroyed some sweetpeas but before they destroyed the sole surviving pumpkin.  Alex loves the pumpkin and I love the rest of the sweetpeas, so whew all round.  Also, I managed to feel much less upset this time than during previous invasions, so obviously I’m projecting my emotional investments into the garden less. Which is probably good.  Does this relinquishing of garden control mean I’m feeling more in control of myself? Hope so.

Day 131–Jen

Finally, most of the tile joints are caulked. I wish they were cleaner–I laid tape down carefully for nice lines, but when we pulled that up, it left ridges. You can’t see them I suppose unless you stare at them, and I’m only hoping the one at the sink won’t make me crazy–it dips just slightly mid-ridge, and I couldn’t fix that without making the whole thing worse. So I’m going to focus on being just glad it’s done, and maybe ask our handyman if there’s any way to tidy it up next week.

Day 130- Heather

I’m grateful, again, for my local indy-library and the amazing authors they host. I spent the evening listening to author Peter Heller read from and discuss his recently published book “The Dog Stars”. He is dynamic, enigmatic and frakkin hilarious. His reading gave me chills and his voice will continue to be that of the main character for me because he read it so beautifully. And he enjoys reading to his audience- he said “adults aren’t read to enough”, which when you think about it is true. As children we’re read to constantly, but as adults, how often do we get the chance to sit back and have a story read to us? Can you remember the last time someone read to you? It was a really enjoyable event and I can’t wait to dive in, but I’m saving it for my trip to Denver which is, coincidentally, the setting for the book. It’s a sign written in the stars, perhaps.

130b – Julia

An excellent evening of entertainment and inspiration, in the form of a comedy show by Sandi Toksvig. Turns out she is not only hilarious but quite thought-provoking and just generally wonderful. Also, D (who is famously tiny) has been claiming for a decade that she’s taller than Sandi (who is famously short), but there is now photographic evidence that sandi wins. Heheh. This very much means our local christmas cabaret comedy routine has just written itself. Score!