Day 163 — Cynthia

For a day of housekeeping amidst the work-work. Laundry, sweeping, trash out, dishes, bills paid.


Day 162–Jen

Having seen all the images of damage on the CT coast and in NY and NJ, I’m so very, very grateful things here were not as bad as they might have been. I was terrified of a repeat of last year–power out for days, destruction everywhere–but we were extremely fortunate.

Day 159 – Julia

Glad I noticed this didn’t publish yesterday, in time for it to still be ctrl-v-able.

Glad I’m not prepping for a storm. Hang in there, east coasters!

On a lighter prepping note, the garden got a good winter prep session today. The first frost fell last night, but I was ill and exhausted when I got home from a very nice dinner with H&V, so I very sensibly decided to go to bed instead of panicking about the geraniums. There was a clear, cold moon and the frost did fall, but luckily it was a light one and I had all day today to salvage/prune/protect things. I had fun collecting leaves with my mother-in-law (the gutters on our street run clear again and we should have loads of nice leaf mould in a year’s time). We also managed to have an honest conversation about our politely inexpressed differing opinions on things like whether seed heads provide winter interest or clutter. We both feel like the garden plan is less haphazard now that we share a plan. Woohoo!