Day 154b – Julia

Drivers of Swansea, your multiple attempts to kill me with your motor vehicles have been unsuccessful.  For this (and for my kick-ass defensive driving skills and good brakes)  I am very grateful this evening.   I’m a little bit disappointed with myself because I have been REALLY working on being more zen-like about road rage, but today was a bit of an exception. (Not a harder test that I failed, obviously – just an exception… Sigh.)

On a slightly related note that reminds me my crazy defensive driving day really wasn’t too bad, an unhinged man went on a road rage rampage in Cardiff on Friday. He deliberately tried to run down pedestrians, injuring 10 people and killing one. I’m grateful that he missed the school run, that he missed my friends who were nearby, and that he was arrested before he could injure anyone else. I’m also grateful to be back on the blood donor list, as there’s a real shortage right now.  It’s a big crisis for a small town.


One thought on “Day 154b – Julia

  1. I am glad you are safe, as are your friends! I find myself driving a lot more like a grandmother, so much more aware of pedestrians.

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