Day 193 — Cynthia

A triple dose of singing this week, with rehearsals this past Monday & Thursday and our concert on Sunday. It’s a good night to put myself to bed early with a book.


Day 193–Jen

Parts of today were much better than yesterday. Other parts were not. Grateful that the extraordinarily painful jaw muscle massages seem to be doing some good. Ears still pop, but pain while eating is gone and my jaw opens straighter.

Day 192 — Cynthia

For having a job where I can spend a large chunk of the day singing along to something from my iTunes catalog. For finding myself smiling unexpectedly at many moments this week. For knowing that I will be flying home for the holidays in 3 weeks.

Speaking of holidays, who will need to be kidnapped?

Day 192 – Julia

This time last year, I took part in some scheduled course debates. I wasn’t functioning well at all at the time; I could barely stand up and couldn’t really focus to read my notes. Today I got to reprise that role, on the way back in rather than on the way out. Boy was that a welcome change.

Day 192- Heather

I’m finding I have fewer and fewer moments during the day to hop online for more than a minute here or there. It’s a drive by FB status update and off I go. So it’s gotten really difficult to get a real post here.

I should be grateful, however, because my increased business is because of that promotion I got a few weeks ago. Silver lining.

Day 191 – Julia

1)  I’ve managed to finish all 7 of the things on my emergency-right-now-panic-panic to-do list, and it’s only 3pm! Gonna actually get to the has to be done by tomorrow stuff. Small progress, but it feels good.

2)  It’s an absolutely beautiful winter afternoon out there, and I’m in a quiet corner of the library looking out at a 5-mile beach.  There’s sunlight glinting on blue sea and well-travelled sand, and I have a still-hot coffee and a stack of work I’m looking forward to.  Let’s go, almost-emergency to do list! I’m ready for you.