Day 165 – Julia

Made it to school today, first time since  Monday.  Gravity and I are on speaking terms, and I got to drive up in the old car with Alex and home in the new car. New car! Hooray! (Well, it’s a 2002 VW golf with 130,000 miles, but it’s new for me.  And it should save me about £25/wk on petrol, which is not insignificant.) 

Have confirmed that all relatives are ok, digging out slowly but intact.  Grandma is 87 this weekend but seems to still be out towing branches and generally being impressive.  On the topic of relatives, this week’s facebook revelations included the fact that Hannah’s general spunkiness and kickass voice mean she gets to sing at Carnegie Hall on a super-swish mentoring programme.  I would have been all worried that she was too sheltered from the world to go for an NYC scholarship, but I should know better by now.  (I know I’m paranoid about my sheltered siblings, but let’s just say she sang the lead in Fiddler On The Roof in last year’s high school musical, and she didn’t even need a costume. No jokes.) Anyway, she’s pretty amazing. And ickle Annie got her driver’s license last month, which makes all 8 of us Almost Grownups.  Proud times!

Also, I know branded drugs tend to vary very little from generic ones, but boy are the Lemsip Cold+Flu tablets my new favourite thing ever.  I feel virtually human again. 

Which means it’s dissertation o’clock.  Have a lovely Friday, all.



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