Days 177-179- Heather

I was offline most of the last two days, dealing with a lovely sinus infection.   My thankfulness for those two days are to the makers of modern medicine and my MD, without whom my head would have exploded and leaked out my ears.  It still might, but not today.  NOT TODAY BECAUSE…………

TODAY is SPECIAL because JEN, yes JEN, from this very blog is here on CAMPUS!!!!!

She, and another alum friend, did a super sneaky surprise attack and it worked brilliantly!  I love surprises, especially the kind when friends show-up out of the blue.  BLUE!!   I see Jen once, maybe twice a year on average, so I’m lucky.  But our other friend, A, I haven’t seen in 6 maybe 7 years.  Holy smokes its been a while.

So now, I’m grateful to be scooting out of work a few minutes early to meet them for a beverage!  It’s going to be a fun Friday after all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(can you tell I’m excited?!)



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