Day 185 – Julia

Thanksgiving always makes me homesick, but I’m coping reasonably well this year. I think this is largely because I’m getting better at not only making sensible decisions but – once they’re made – accepting that the alternatives are no longer options.  Letting go of unrealistic wishes,I suppose. Anyway, it feels good to just be nostalgic rather than miserable.


3 thoughts on “Day 185 – Julia

  1. Dear julia, have just read your last two weeks of blogs and I think your courage is amazing, your intelligence incredible,your sense of humour lovely and
    your writing skills inspiring. I have alot to be grateful for in having you as my friend.Love you! xxJane

  2. You’re missed here, I’m sure, but better to be nostalgic than sad. We drove through our old Boston neighborhood to get to my cousin’s this Thanksgiving and it was the first time I haven’t felt pangs of sad on those roads; it was more a reminder of a fond memory than something I sought to return to, and that’s an improvement.–Jen

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