Days 184-186–Jen

I took a bit of a Thanksgiving internet holiday yesterday, and the day before was a neglectful poster. I have a lot to be grateful for today. #1, I did not cause a head-on collision in a madcap parking lot this morning. I spaced and was thinking there were two left turn lanes–um, no. One, and the turning-into-the-lot-from-the-road-lane. Thank god I didn’t hit anyone, since I was driving my MIL’s boat at a snail’s pace–it just looked like I was trying to get in line in the left lane and was a terrible driver. Which I pretty much was. Feeling super grateful (not to mention lucky) that I dodged what could have been a terrible scene. The Trader Joe’s I was at is in the plaza with Toys R Us…I need say nothing more of what a zoo it was! Yipes, stripes.

But thinking more largely, yesterday was a nice day with family and friends I don’t see very often. I wish we did and realize that I am partly the cause of the not-seeing–I live furthest away and come up less often. I wish we were closer–that is, emotionally–but we spend so little time together now + when we do, we’re in huge groups—they’re loud and populous and so it’s hard to spend a lot of time simply *being* together. In the old days my cousins and I loafed on Thanksgiving and watched the Mystery Science THeater 3000 marathon. I’m grateful for the memory and will try to commit–and get them to commit–to forging stronger relationships.


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