Day 198 – Julia

As I’ve probably mentioned 20 or 30x, I have A COLD!  This should just be mildly annoying, but now that I’m a delicate little petal every change in sinus pressure plays havoc on my inner ear.  Thus , a minor snot event can render me mostly horizontal.  As this happens to be the anniversary of the week in which I admitted defeat last year, the temptation to wallow in a sea of cough syrup and self-pity has been strong. But why am I ill? This week I’m most likely ill because I overdid it at school and in the gym last week, working 12 hour days and pushing myself and my lungs on the cross-trainer most nights.  It’s frustrating to have been taken out by a busy week, but boy does that represent progress.  This time last year, I could not reliably stand up, read, or control my left leg. In fact, I was 4 full months away from even beginning to fall off the cross-trainer.  So thank you, little blog, for forcing me to take the objective view once again.  And thank you, neuro-linguistic programming guide for dummies, for helping me utilise bad metaphors in an objective way.  This feels like the Valley of Doom, sure – but if I sit up for a minute I can see that, in fact, I’m just temporarily in some sort of metaphorical dip in the road a long way up the mountain. Recovery Mountain!  It’s frankly not the end of the world if gravity has a brief power trip and I lie here for a few days, not exercising, not focusing properly and not doing any coursework. I’m not actually falling off any cliffs, and I think I’m accepting all this with relative grace (although that may be the NightNurse talking).  And most importantly, I’m not trying to consume my own body weight in brie again.   This small victory makes me feel disproportionately powerful.


4 thoughts on “Day 198 – Julia

  1. That you describe yourself as a delicate petal is a testament to your humor through this whole ordeal. Julia, delicate petal? ha! As much as I’m an elegant dame. You’re a tough cookie, and I’m a tough broad 🙂

  2. Totes delicate! Delicate like a fencepost. A subsidiary problem is that I was clumsy as sin long before I developed motor control problems, so it’s going to be a little bit difficult to tell when I’m mended. Oh well.

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