Day 202b – Julia

Stopped myself from completely and utterly overdoing it, and still managed to fit in 9/10ths of a short walk, 10/10ths of a coffee, and 95% of buying and decorating an odd-bin Christmas Tree.  (The tree is a bit wonky but locally grown, and was half the price of the one we usually end up getting from the big store. So far we’ve decorated it with clove-studded orange slices, dried chillies, and some popcorn-and-holly garlands that took hours to make but required no brain power whatsoever. We’ll flesh the decoration out with something shinier tomorrow, I think.).  L and the 6-year-old came over for an hour too, so there’s been plenty of fun.  I missed a really lovely cycle ride with friends and there’s a chaotic week ahead which my lungs may simplify, but right now I’m savouring the fact that I can do what I want to do most in all the world, which is Go To Bed.


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