Day 207 – Julia

Had 3 useful meetings today. The departmental one was useful once the head realized it wasn’t just a meeting about me being frustrated. I think I finally managed to convince him that my concerns were pretty rational, and although I didn’t get an apology I did at least get an admission that the “perceived moving of the goalposts” could have been handled better.

I still feel like the plan of action is 2 months behind the evidence, but at least I can finally be certain that my concerns about the assessment I’m having on Tuesday have been recognized.

From 2 other discussions, I also now understand that there’s a departmental verification system wherein someone objective can shed some light on whether our risk management strategy is proportionate, and it turns out I’ll have the equivalent of a union rep at my disposal after Christmas. And, much to my relief, it’s been agreed that I will not be held accountable for my university fees until they guarantee me that I’m going to be able to attempt to ensure my competency.

Ooh, and I have tequila and am off to a house party!


2 thoughts on “Day 207 – Julia

  1. Mmm – mostly. Still no guarantees that there’s a recognizable endpoint for this system, but at least we’re going to all look at the map together on Tuesday.

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