Day 214 – Julia

1. Made pfeffernussen. Chrimbliciousness!

2. Played with new foster nephew, who is super-cute and obsessed with vibration. Amazing, what you can do with some sound waves and a cardboard wrapping paper tube.

3. Have filled in another 9 pieces of paperwork I didn’t know about, stopped a lengthy postal process by pointing out that we could all do everything electronically (gosh!), caught a major funding error in my funding application before 5pm, and HOPEFULLY gotten everything back to the relevant parties in time for the ball to roll a teeny tiny bit before January. If anyone had explained to me 5 days ago that there would be another 9 forms to fill in, each ok’ing the filling-in of the previous forms, I would have just driven to Hereford and just sat there with a pen. Oh well.  I did as many as I could as fast as I could, and if it hasn’t been sent off today there’s not too much I can do about it.

4. Have managed to stay calm and optimistic about a process that remains vague, uncertain, and distressing. Huzzah! Have also voiced concerns clearly in writing, so that if January bites anyone on the bum, it hopefully won’t be me.

5. Replanted the pot outside the front door, with bargain plants that included some lush-looking tulip bulbs and a 4′ Escallonia for £2.

6. Can now start finishing all the things in my life that *don’t* involve form-filling. Happy days!


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