Days 214-216–Jen

Oops, I missed two days. I think about the blog every day but just don’t always make it over here. I’m grateful this is a casual blog that doesn’t penalize lack of posting 🙂

So Friday! Grateful to have a relaxed husband, done with grading and off for two days, with me on the couch that afternoon. And I tried to re-learn how to crochet while he watched some awful action movie. Glad I had good teachers when I started–grandma and I think Hilary.

Saturday–grateful we spent another big Christmas party with the husband’s grandfather, who turns 90 next month and is still sharp as a tack. Most of his grandparents live into their 90s. Pretty impressive. Then grateful for the annual viewing of “It’s a Wonderful Life” with his aunt and uncle–they, too, live in CT and we have been making this a tradition since we moved here.

And today–for getting my butt out the door for a long walk. I walk for cookies, mainly, and that’s good enough for me.


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