Day 249 – Julia

Found a way to make someone who was mad at me un-mad at me. Since stakes were higher than I can say, I’m really quite relieved.

Dissertation is coming along, and WILL be in on Tuesday at the latest. That’s 24 hours before the deadline.  I know that I will want to keep being a perfectionist forever and will want to be printing like a lunatic at noon on Wednesday, but I am desperate to let go of something early (possibly for the first time in my life). Therefore, I have the next 10 hours to tinker with it, and then I’m not allowed to look at it again until Monday. (Except to maybe shorten some appendices.) (And do some printing out for a proper paper copy. Sorry, Heather; I just can’t copy edit properly on a computer screen, so I’m looking forward to the luxury.)  And Monday is a formatting day, not an “oh, I need another 300 words here even though I’m already too verbose” day.


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