Day 252b – Julia

At 5pm, today’s earnest rainstorm briefly let up and I went outside to find that not only was it still light (at 5pm!), but spring has tiptoed in over the weekend despite our neighbour’s rampage of the spring border. (A few months ago he trampled/dug everything and put a fence up, having suddenly gotten paranoid that we would claim the land we’ve been politely tending for him for 20 years).   Luckily, the unnecessary fence is a foot short of the back wall, so the espaliered quince is just sneaking into bright red flower around it and some of the spring border plants have survived.  No lily of the valley yet, but there are fat little rhubarb leaves just starting to unfurl, and we should have a sea of pale yellow primroses under the apple trees next week if we peep under the fence.  But enough about that – I’ll wax all prosaic about hope and survival and new beginnings shortly if I’m not careful, so I think I’ll go apply my new perspective to my still-too-long discussion pages.


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