Day 282 — Cynthia

For a consultation with a pharmacist which resulted in getting more powerful meds. Yay for modern medicine.


Days 280-282–Jen

For friends who are avid Ikea fans and willing to do the driving to get there. In the rain. Blech for her, good for me!

Frankly, for a canceled dinner date, which allowed me to catch up on some work.

For not being a night owl, so I could get up early and finish it.

Day 281 – Julia

Today we had a mock of our clinic exit viva/OSCE exam, which involved 65 minutes of oral/physical exam conditions and some running from room to room. Managed to say 55% coherent and 95% upright, which went far beyond my only two goals –  “don’t fall on the patient” and “don’t cry in front of anyone.” In the end, there were no tears, no traumas, and only minimal desires for self-harm. (They’re really horrible exams, because it’s inevitable that you’ll forget to say something vital, even though you’ve thought it 3-5x – but I seem to be forgiving myself very effectively today, and boy am I grateful for that.)

Day 280 – Julia

Gave blood for the first time in a while, and discovered that maintaining a sense of humour is paramount in persuading people that, if you walked in with a stick, you should be able to leave with a stick. I am thus glad I can be funny when necessary, and grateful to be contributing to the O+ pool again.

Day 279 – Julia

Up at the crack of dawn to drive south, back to my busy life. But the car had other plans, and we ended up with a highly entertaining dilemma wherein we probably just needed to top up the oil but the release catch was broken so we couldn’t open the bonnet to investigate. I’ve foolishly stopped remembering to pack my leatherman, and had no pliers, no screwdriver, and no signal to phone the AA or google nearby garages.  In the end we let the car cool down, drove to a garage, got the bonnet open ourselves before it opened, and spent £6 on being forced to sit down for another hour and top up the oil.  Not sure whether the car’s burning oil, but that’s a question for another day. For now, I’m grateful that we were able to drive out of the National Park to a garage, grateful for the extra hour of down-time with A, while we waited for the garage to open. I’m also grateful for the good views on the slow way home, and grateful to be reminded that ticking things off in the planner isn’t always the be-all and end-all.