Days 255-258–Jen

Sorry, folks, I’m not sure what happened. I came over here on day 255 and I thought I posted but it’s not here so I guess I didn’t, unless wordpress ate it, which is also possible.

Yesterday we spent the day with the mister’s family at a funeral; it started with a lot of tears but ended mostly with smiling people, which I think is how funerals should be, particularly when the person who passed lived a very long, rich life. he was legitimately one of the most giving people I’ve ever met and welcomed me into the family generously nearly twenty years ago, and I’m grateful for that–particularly when his wife insisted on calling me my now-husband’s “little friend” for years and years. but that’s now the stuff of family jokes, which is fun.

I’ve been in a funk most of last week, which I think goes a longer way to explain my absence, though in retrospect coming here and noting the good probably would have helped break it. Grateful that I got myself out the door twice for walks, and for the meeting with mom later today.


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