Day 285 – Julia

Spent a very productive hour in the garden with A. We pottered around, diggered over some raised beds, transplanted a wisteria, moved volunteer foxgloves out of the veg patch and into the flower beds and – because there were about 30 of them – moved some into various patches of waste ground too. While I pottered around poking things,  A finally unicycled the length of the garden path (20 feet), managed not to fall down the steps, and discovered that some of the fish are still alive, all at once.  We popped to town and then had sister-in-law L, foster nephew J, and long-lost good friend J over for dinner. I wouldn’t say I excel at maintaining 3 conversations at once, but it was definitely nice to sit down with people for a few hours.  It was really good to catch up with J, distracted by small children though I admittedly was.  I may have also introduced six-year-old J to our childhood game (of throwing each other onto the sofa), and forgotten that autism plus fun plus endings can equal distress very quickly. Luckily L has amazing rapport with him and managed to curtail the tantrums in under 30 seconds. Amazing. And now I’m in bed and it’s only 10:45pm. And I only have seven unread papers lurking under the laptop. Woohoo!



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