Day 293 – Julia

Well, I’ve been repeatedly Mondayed today. I admittedly cracked a bit, but only once. And that’s a pretty good indication that I’m feeling a lot more in control of my body and of my life.  I also haven’t had a bad day for almost two weeks (ear-wise or life-wise). I’m pleased that I’m more able to cope with a high number of physical, mental, and beaurocratic challenges than I would have been last month.

I know that relief and exasperation are not the same as gratitude, but this story has to be shared.  I paid  my fees in full, as agreed, on the day my Catch-22 restrictions were scaled back, as agreed.   In fact, I paid them before 9am.  My account, however, still shows full fees owing, for reasons that elude me.   As it turned out I REALLY needed my university e-mail account today, so my day would have been, well, pretty infinitely worse if the Finance department had taken their usual course of action and gone for surprise account-freezing. Luckily, the finance department has finally noted that they should speak to someone, if not me personally.  So they rang the head of student services to tell her they were blocking my account, so she could ring me, so I could forward her my provisional receipt for payment in full from the finance department, and my final receipt from the finance department,  so she could forward them back to the finance department,  so they could, well, do whatever it is they do – or don’t do – with their own records.

This wasn’t, it turns out, the least of my beaurocratic worries today; but because this blog has forced me yet again to look for the shiny little pearls, I’m happy that I’m robust enough to be amused by a farce or two, and sufficiently trained by this blog to count the blessings I might not have spotted otherwise.


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