Day 343 – Julia

Sun! And I got to see a smidgen of it.


Day 342 – Julia

Today I am grateful that 3 patients cancelled, because I am wobbly.  I am not grateful to be wobbly, but I’m grateful this hasn’t happened for almost 3 weeks.

I am grateful that I have finally started naming documents sensibly and saving them in findable folders, just in time to need to put my hands on them quickly, without necessarily focusing particularly well.

I am grateful that I can type with my eyes closed. 

I am grateful that T got to spend his kitty life with Jen. He lucked out, I think, and if he’s the ethereal type he is probably boasting in celestial alleyways right now. If he’s the earthbound type, I’ll plant some memorial catnip.

I am grateful that A worked out what was making her so unhappy, and talked to me about it.

Finally, I’m grateful as always for MHC – without which we three (sometimes four, occasionally five) would not be sharing this space.  Please make a new header picture if you have one, but for this end of term the Pangy celebrations of spring seemed fitting.

Day 341 – Julia

Spent an hour revising in order to avoid house chores this morning, only to find that within half an hour of starting the onerous stuff A and I had a clean duvet, a reduced stack of paperwork, two wedding outfits and a greatly simplified weekend plan.

We rewarded ourselves with an hour in the garden, and managed to plant lettuce and courgettes, ready soil in the raised beds, clean the greenhouse and train the fan gooseberries (tying them up canes, not teaching them to honk).  Well, I rewarded myself by doing all of the above, and successfully making A assist.  I think she mostly enjoyed it, and if we can keep the slugs off the courgettes we’ll both be very happy indeed. Now A is making fajitas and I’m about to launch into some long-avoided pharmacology revision. A good day for conquering dreaded tasks.