Day 335 – Julia

1. It’s Monday morning and I woke up early without an alarm.  This is rare, especially in the run up to exams. And I have a lot to do, so I’m grateful that I slept well and woke up early enough to have done an hour’s work by 9:30am.  (I know that’s not early for most people, but I’m a night owl extraordinaire).

2. The weekend of acupuncture absolutely knocked me out, but provided me with a very useful set of skills – not as an acupuncturist – that takes years of training and a whole new philosophy – but as a beginning western medical acupuncturist who can use basic western manual therapy principles where they overlap with traditional chinese medicine.  Useful stuff. It also confirmed for me that the left side of my body is REALLY cranky.  I bent some needles with the left side of my back, which is quite hard to do apparently!  Anyway, this helped me further understand the left-right differences in my body and – hopefully – it will eventually help me bring things back into balance.

3. I got a really early scan appointment to address whatever’s going on with my womb. Hopefully I’ll have a pretty good idea by the 1st of May what the problem is, whether it explains some of the left-sided awkwardness, and what I can do about it.


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