Year 2, Day 39 — Cynthia

For making good progress on a book this weekend and for a lovely compliment from my Sunday morning yoga teacher.


Year 2, Days 37-39–Jen

We spent yesterday outside with family as my cousin remarried. We all like his new wife infinitely more than his prior wife, and it was very sweet and emotional, as he read vows to her two daughters, now his two daughters. I was glad to be there, and for the humidity to let up for just a little while.

Today I overspent. I signed up for an REI membership to get a “free” $20 gift card, not realizing the membership itself was $20. I guess it’s a wash, but still. I’m focusing on not beating myself up, and thinking about returning the posh flip flops I bought in addition to the much-needed walking sandals. All my summer footwear is croaking at once. I am glad I can see the wisdom in not beating myself up. Once, I couldn’t.

And lastly, the kittens are cute. Hellions, yes, even if subdued by humidity.

Year 2, Day 35 — Cynthia

Came to work this morning, cried at my desk over the Supreme Court, got a bunch of stuff graded, then headed out to a baseball game with friends. Thankful that these decisions from the Court, while imperfect, will do much to aid dear friends and family of mine who wish to live lives with their loves the same as straight folks. We move in the right direction on this subject today.

Year 2, Days 31-34 – Julia

I’ve had a bit of a block on this blog, for reasons I don’t entirely understand.  I absolutely nailed my degree, despite not being certain five months ago whether I would be permitted to graduate or sit my exams. I finished my patient numbers the day my colleagues finished, despite starting 7 months late. And then I drank lots of tequila with friends, and moved out of my flat, and came back home to Swansea to plan the next phase. And then, on the planning front, I came completely unstuck.  So, despite having a bajillion things to be grateful for, I’m having a bit of a slump.  I’ll keep it simple, therefore, and say that I’m glad I had time to sort out some of the next steps in the new garden I’m building, and I’m glad I am reading a fun book. I’m about 5 years behind on novels, and despite starting with a trashy crime novel I quickly put that down. I’m now half-way through The Bonesetter’s Daughter, which I bought 6 hours ago for the princely sum of 33 pence.   It was wonderful to sit in the garden with a book tonight, looking at other things which grow and change.  I think I was preparing to prepare for tomorrow’s meeting about whether there’s work for me at the university I just graduated from, whether I can publish my dissertation, and what I should do with myself.   Immersing myself in a garden and a book for a few hours has given me enough space to get over my slump and, finally, get on with the planning and the proof-reading and the CV.