Year 2, Days12-13 – Julia

I’ve been avoiding posting on here since I haven’t done the things that are stressing me out OR forgiven myself for avoiding them, but other things in life are good so I’ll write about them.

1. Absolutely nailed my dissertation.

2. Passed the exams I know about so far – 4 assessments to go but so far so good on the rest.  Might actually graduate in July.

3. Got a lift home from hospital placement today. Really grateful for this, since there would have been 90 minutes of waiting for the bus otherwise and I had lots of things to do. Now, to go !*%&£ do them.


2 thoughts on “Year 2, Days12-13 – Julia

  1. I see you’re enjoying the cycle I know very well.

    1. I need to do X.
    2. Not doing X is stressing me out. Stress will be relieved if I do X.
    3. But even thinking about X is exhausting, so I’ll look at [pictures of kittens, Dr. Who, whatever] instead.
    4. That made me more stressed out, as X still looms! Let’s go outside!
    5. And so on, until you finally do the dreaded X and feel much better, once you eventually finish.

  2. That’s the one. i like to add “Start X. Last for 30 seconds.” at regular intervals. Oh, and “Why was I such a tit about doing X?” for some weeks afterwards. However, I am now working much harder on X. Whew.

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