Year 2, Day 14 – Julia

Silly, I know, but I got hit on tonight. I’d made myself go for a walk without my stick, so I was feeling particularly frustrated and useless. Amazing what a compliment can do to a bad 20 minutes, even if one is too oblivious to realize it at the time.  I kind of feel bad for being 90% oblivious and 10% deaf, but it’s quite funny now. Sorry, nice man.  (Just for posterity’s sake, the interaction went like this:

There is a man in the street yelling, “BlueTop! Hey! Bluetop!… Bluetop and Earrings Hey! Don’t be like that!” I think this is strange and amusing, as the street appears empty. I wonder who bluetop is and what she’s done. Then I get home and see my reflection. Sorry, friendly man.)



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