Year 2, Days 28 + 29–Jen

I seem to be chronically a day behind. Lately I’ve had one of those awful inside monsters hooting and hollering that nothing in a day is quite enough. I’m not sure where they came from. I’ve been anxious and a little irritable. Today I decided to do a bunch of the house-related stuff that makes me happy–mounded soil on the potato plants, drafted a skirt pattern and cut out the fabric, made some ice cream base for freezing later–and didn’t make dinner. Somewhere in the late afternoon, the monster showed up. I tolerated it and wallowed briefly, but have decided it’s full of crap. I *was* productive. I did the things I love to do. I think the monster would be there even if I scrubbed the house top to bottom, miraculously healed the kitten’s respiratory ill, and wrote an entire article and my tenure packet in one day. So it just needs to take a hike, and I need to recognize it for what it is. A bully.


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