Year 2, Day 70 — Cynthia

Sometimes when I haven’t attended a concert in a while, I forget how cool they are. Today, I’m thankful for Indigo Girls, who I have seen perform about 10 times (I think) and who never fail to sing well. Yay!

Also, the last time I saw them play was 4 years ago, in Maryland, as I was going through a difficult professional transition. Thankful too that I am not in that place anymore, and that I am much happier than I was as that time.


Year 2, Day 70–Jen

Yesterday a tech came out to switch us to a different phone/internet service. When he left, the phone didn’t work and I spent an hour on my cell with tech support, who couldn’t fix it. Today a new tech came, rewired our whole house’s phone connections all the way to the pole, fixed our phone problem, and made sure everything worked before he left. Best customer service ever.

Days 68 + 69–Jen

I think WordPress ate another of my posts. Who am I, Julia?

For having made a commitment to regular movement. Of my actual body. Which generally prefers the couch due to a long and convoluted battle in my noggin over why one exercises and the perils of doing it for weight loss (only a short-term motivator, leading to personal resistance to doing it further).

For the kindness of others.