Year 2, Days 35-40 – Julia

Well, I’ve now let this blog succumb to my guilt–>procrastination–>more gulit–>more procrastination cycle, at the end of which nothing ever happens.  I seem to believe that, if I don’t make this post positively overflow with gratitude, it won’t make up for being a bit crap of late….At least I am now amused by my own idiocy. So, in no particular order, here’s a list of good things over the last few days:

1.  Opened the back door just as an opera soundcheck started in the park. It was completely unexpected, since they’re setting up for a school performance of Dylan Thomas’ Under Milkwood.  It was absolutely beautiful, and encouraged me to go for another walk in the park while I listened.

2. I always get homesick at this time of year, as my family are in Nantucket and I’m far away from them. This year, I can be grateful that, not only am I not missing a wedding (as far as I know!), but last year’s bride is coming to visit me next week! Hooray!

3. I had to renew my car tax (here, you have to get your car inspected but then pay separately for the sticker). I got foiled yesterday by not reading the list of documents required sufficiently, so today I stuck the renewed sticker on the windscreen at 11:30am, thus making our car all legal again. At 11:45, they started issuing tickets on my street. Whew.

4.  I’ve remembered to book a haircut. This is worth celebrating, trust me.

5. It’s raining now, but it’s supposed to be sunny this weekend, when we go camping.

6. Camping!

7.  I’ve finished quite a few little garden projects, thus creating space to collect more stuff entitling myself to start collecting building pallets to start the next projects…  Pallet adirondack chairs, anyone?

8. A still loves me, even though I’ve been having a two-week-long freakout about life.

9. You can now see 30% of my desk. And all of the floor.

10. Nice free furniture again, this time from downstairs.  Hello, new blanket box full of sewing scraps. Goodbye, ugly plastic boxes.


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