Year 2, Day 57 – Julia

Hello, all. I’ve missed this blog but have been far too busy having fun and feeling disproportionately blessed! Apologies for spending as little time as possible with technology. What a difference the arrival of some sun and some family makes! To EVERYTHING. Oh happy days. Everything was so wonderful that on the way to the airport in rush hour yesterday, all the traffic reports were discussing how freakishly quiet the roads were. I knew my ear was dodgy, but was able to get to the airport and most of the way to my next meeting before it went. Good Ikea staff let me have a long disagreement with gravity in their shaded parking lot, good friends came to me when my car battery was subsequently flat (I left the keys in the ignition), with 3 people we were able to get the bonnet open, and with a flashlight, a screwdriver and a wise friend, the problem with opening the car hood has been fixed permanently. Then we went swimming and had. Ice cream. Not bad for a difficult day.


One thought on “Year 2, Day 57 – Julia

  1. I know bonnet refers to the hood of your car, but I prefer the mental image of y’all wrestling with someone dressed in “Little House on the Prairie”-type garb. “Get the ties! They’re strangling her! She needs the sun!” (Yeah, I know. Don’t even ask.)

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