Year 2, Day 101 — Cynthia

For an amazing day and amazing friends with whom you can pick right up even though it’s been 2 years or more.


Year 2, Day 100 — Cynthia

For the weirdness of making friends on flights, particularly when sharing the experience of delays. For a memory which still works from time to time, which led me to recognize the patents of a student I taught at my last brick and mortar school, in the Denver airport.

Year 2, Day 98 – Julia

Was wobbly last night, after moving a ton (literally) of soil. Spent the morning taking it easy and wishing I had a load of terracotta tiles to do my patio edging with. Then I opened the front door and saw these beauties being chucked out across the street. I’m a little worried I’m getting obsessive about bricks, bit they’re gorgeous!

Year 2, Days 95-96 – Julia

Got to borrow the in-laws’ camper van this weekend – boy, did that make unpacking easy. And the laundry basket is full of clothes with a slight wood smoke tinge. I really miss wood fires, and it was great to go to a campsite that permits them. I’m glad to be reminded this morning. Now, to go finish levelling this patio.