Day 71 – Julia

This week I have been mostly using up free wood. I’ve built a bird bath stand, two adirondack chairs, and 9/10ths of a bookshelf extension.  All of this means that mostly I sanded stuff. And sanded. And sanded.   Once I’d gotten most of the sawdust out of my eyes eventually, all I needed were some ugly brackets so I could bodge together a few more shelves to bulk out the ugly laminate ones and make the office usable for a few more years.  Three stores and an online search later, I was frustrated to discover they don’t make the brackets I need anymore. 9″ pine is prohibitively expensive, which means I can’t just reframe the whole alcove and build proper custom shelving any time soon.  But lo!  Having no brackets meant I had to rethink the project, and investigate wood options, and voila! What I actually wanted all along was scaffolding boards. Which are cheaper, more interesting, and sturdy enough to let me save all my old notes.

Thank you, universe, for no longer making ugly 8″ aluminum t-brackets in single rail.


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