Year 2, Day 129–Jen

For meeting up with Cynthia at a random Starbucks in a pretty area in CT. Since we’ve been internet chums for years now with rare in-person meetings, we didn’t need to do a whole lot of the catch up stuff and could talk about more important stuff instead. And that’s pretty awesome.


Year 2, days 124 + 5–Jen

For a delicious work from home day–I used to have these regularly but most of my weeks now involve going in seven days at various hours for meetings. Today I got up, coffee, ran, breakfast, shower, and now housecleaning–all the stuff I didn’t do over the weekend. I didn’t realize our house was such a wreck until I started really looking. Sheets changed, rugs vacuumed, laundry running, books shelved/packed up to go to the office. Bathroom still needs cleaning, as does the kitchen, but I’ll get there eventually. And I’ll start actually working, too 🙂