Year 2, Day 107-108 — Cynthia

The weekend was a good one, but we’ve definitely transitioned out of lazy summer into busy school year time. In addition, I am definitely feeling the pull of my “extracurriculars” on my time: choir, choir board, Girl Scouts, etc. there was some sad news the other night that the Girl Scout council where I grew up has decided to sell one of their resident camps. It is a camp which I literally helped build as a teenager, a camp that I participated in the strategic planning for, and the one where I worked as an assistant director one summer during graduate school. Had I not gone on a trip the following summer, I probably would have returned for at least one more. I suppose that despite my sadness, I can be glad that it existed at all, that the building of gigantic vacation homes on this lovely lake was delayed by nearly 20 years thanks to Girl Scouts ownership.


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