Year 2, Days 120-123 – Julia

Grateful for A, who has tolerated me for ten years. That first date feels like yesterday.

Grateful for CO, who continues to send me long and meaningful letters despite my abysmal relationship with the post office.

Grateful for a lot of blessings in a time of indecision.  In no particular order, these include:

– A last trip in the campervan, with good friends. A is about to go from 60h weeks to 75h weeks, so it was good to have a last Saturday night off together.

– having beautiful places at my fingertips, whether I open the back door, look out my office window, or travel in any direction.

– Having a bit of common sense and an increasing set of organisational skills.

– having friends with spare toothpaste, for when common sense and organisational skills both fail me.

– Foraged food.  This weekend, that means blackberries, apples, and a giant bag of delicious wild mushrooms. 




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