Year 2, Day 161 — Cynthia

Thankful for plans which are afoot, whether or not they actually come together in an orderly fashion. For helpful alumnae. For good friends.


Year 2, Day 158-160 — Cynthia

I like baseball: thankful for the Red Sox. Thankful that I am recovering after taking a really nasty fall on the sidewalk Monday, scraping up my hands but good. Thankful for being good at my job most days.

Year 2, Day 160 – Julia

I leave for the airport in 4 hours, for a long-overdue and much-needed visit home.  My desk is 98% clean, most of the things I wanted to finish are finished, and I have fun books in my luggage.  I have no idea whether I’m being collected from the airport, but I’m sure I’ll get to Lloyd Neck somehow.  Grateful for loving family, even if it means uncertainty through kindness.

Year 2, Day 159 – Julia

Productive day of productive things, which was surprising given how long I expected everything to take.  Spent 3h in the garden, where in the wake of torrential rain there’d been another  3-foot landslide in the garden. I’m really grateful I don’t live somewhere mudslides happen; it was bad enough cleaning up a cubic metre of soggy soil. But once I’d done that, I was able to build a waist-high mortared breezeblock wall in about half an hour, extend my foundation trenches and start backfilling. Not fascinating, I know, but it means I can leave this project safe in the knowledge that the garden looks a lot less like a building site and the sliding stacks of paving slabs are secure.   As a bonus, any future landslides will just save me work. Anyway, this all happened really quickly, leaving me with time to smash up another cubic metre of concrete elsewhere, tidy four or five other places, and build the roof for my top bar beehive.  A full afternoon of work and a good rowing session followed, and I’m still upright – I feel a lot like a grown-up again.

I did, however, get stuck in traffic and completely forget that I was supposed to be giving my wife a lift at 6:15.  She was not in any way happy with me at 6:30, but she has since forgiven me. Grateful for undeserved forgiveness. 

Off to the states tomorrow evening, with hopes of seeing some MHCers dwindling in the wake of uncertainty about my family’s plans for my visit but with at least some idea of an itinerary. Whew. 


Year 2, day 158 – Julia

1. A big storm was forecast for today; it hammered the coast 35 miles away but there’s nary a tree down around here.

2. Just when I was wondering how to finish a few projects, I stumbled on a perfect sizes collection of free lumber in an alleyway. And the guy getting rid of it was almost willing to pay _me_ to take it. Result.

Year 3, day 157 – Julia

Howling wind today, but a long enough gap in the wind to go look at some big Atlantic surf at Llangennith. Went with A and her family, including a 7-year-old who absolutely loved splashing about in the spray. Just need to summon energy to get the sewing machine out and all will be perfect. 

Year 2, day 156 – Julia

More robust than I used to be. Both physically and mentally. This means I’m actually pretty darned good at coaching teenagers, even though it’s sometimes hard to tell.  Now I just have to talk less and come up with a stretching routine that doesn’t embarrass them and we,ll be grand. And hopefully i’ll remember that just because they challenge my decisions doesn’t mean they want to know about stroke length variability and blade-as-lever physics on a Saturday morning, bless them.

Year 2, days 145-155, Julia

Lots of projects are almost done, and there’s almost a plan for the sister convention in nh in 8 days’ time. Coaching is going well, and the universe keeps pointing toward a big decision I’ve been scared to make. So perhaps I’ll say I’m grateful to be making decisions where I can and grateful to be making room for uncertainty.