Year 2, Month 11 – Julia

C has not made ridiculously tasty-sounding cakes this weekend. Therefore I am not salivating or eating sugar like a fiend.

The new job I accepted more than 10 wks ago FINALLY starts on Tuesday. Hallelu.


Year 2, Month 11 – Julia

In exactly a month, we will have kept this little blog percolating for exactly two years.  I am proud that we were zealous about the first year, and prouder still that four over-achievers have managed to forgive themselves for not necessarily posting every day this year.  Whether or not we post we are hopefully happier, definitely closer as friends, and I think more mindful of our blessings too.  I periodically annoy myself by applying the blog principle to bad days.

And on an unrelated note, my overly complicated building plan, wherein each step is predicated on at least 2 others, now looks like a flow chart. And one that’s actually flowing. Here it is. I’ve gotten to step 3 in each plan.

Demolish random wheelchair ramp in garden –>Excavate pit for retaining wall –> move wheelchair ramp rubble pile into retaining wall pit –> Use new rubble-free space to take down overgrown privet hedge on top of 10′ wall –> rubble and privet-free space means I can finally get bees for the beautiful hive what I built.

Put piles of rubble from elsewhere in garden into pit–>this makes space for bricks from kitchen “fireplace.” (big ugly alcove with badly laid bricks in it).  –> Use rubble to backfill outline of 4′ of steps from old garden to new garden. Use bricks themselves to build steps.  This makes good access for bee care and future building projects.  –>  Use any remaining waste to level off pit and lay foundations  –> Lay new concrete base for current compost heaps and future schmancy summer house.  Have well-earned nap.

Year 2, Month 11 – Julia

This week I am really grateful that we had a long and sunny weekend; not only could I make progress on a major building project*, but I had help! Actual help!  A and M have discovered that I get Pit Fever quite quickly, but they perservered with my ridiculous sorting processes, tolerated my urban archaeology tendencies, and helped me move two tonnes of rubble and soil and lay 20 square feet of retaining wall. The wall can go up quickly now, and sanity (or whatever passes as sanity in the garden) can hopefully resume.**

(*For reasons unknown, I am building 50 square feet of retaining wall, with a 3-5′ excavation through an old dumping ground. I started it before Thanksgiving, but then we had the rainiest winter on record (and yes, that’s saying something).

(** It’s especially good that we got this wall built, because the builder who was coming to rejig our kitchen in November is coming tomorrow. And when we take out the huge fake fireplace in the kitchen we’ll need a place to store all the bricks and hide all the rubble.  Good job we’ve just made space for a tonne of rubble. Literally.) 

Year 2, Month 11 – Julia

Made progress on a project I was stuck on.

Had a really good coaching session.

Tried to go running outside and ended up wobbling again. Had sort of forgotten that this still happens, so was very perplexed when I couldn’t walk in a straight line. What a relief, to just occasionally zig-zag. And what a shame that my least favourite outdoor activity is something I can’t do.  Good job I still hate running.

Had tasty curry for tea.

Am currently sitting in bed, before 10pm, watching a program[me] about soil structure and gardening. Being middle-aged isn’t really all that bad. Who knew?


Year 2, Month 11 – Julia

My maternity cover employer and I are both on the same page about what I’m doing well and what I need support with. Whew. 

I am overcomplicating fewer things, both at work and at home. This feels good.

I accidentally locked the neighbour’s cat in the shed last night. She was entirely unphased by this, which has allayed my guilt significantly.  Rather than running for company and/or food, she tried to catch our goldfish again.

Today I managed to get 24 13-18yo’s out rowing, and do a wee bit of actual coaching to boot.  Proud of myself and of my more experienced juniors for keeping everyone safe and productive despite the flood tide and the brains-on-easter-break difficulties.  And grateful that I’m rarely on my own for a session.




Year 2, many months

For friends who keep posting long after I’ve both forgotten to post and forgotten we had a blog. What a crazy year it’s been. Mostly good, but crazy.

Grateful today for warm weather. 70s! Windows open!
For a second set of bookcases to paint.
For the beer in the fridge.
For the mid-level tolerance for crazy.

Year 2, Month 11 – Julia

Had a good walk in the sun with a good friend and a good wife today.

Had ice cream.

Planted parsnips and shallots, and thinned tomatoes and tomatillos and chilli peppers.

Sat in the sun for a bit in the garden.

Have a full day of patients tomorrow, if all goes to plan.  What a luxury, to love my job.