Year 2, Month 11 – Julia

This week I am really grateful that we had a long and sunny weekend; not only could I make progress on a major building project*, but I had help! Actual help!  A and M have discovered that I get Pit Fever quite quickly, but they perservered with my ridiculous sorting processes, tolerated my urban archaeology tendencies, and helped me move two tonnes of rubble and soil and lay 20 square feet of retaining wall. The wall can go up quickly now, and sanity (or whatever passes as sanity in the garden) can hopefully resume.**

(*For reasons unknown, I am building 50 square feet of retaining wall, with a 3-5′ excavation through an old dumping ground. I started it before Thanksgiving, but then we had the rainiest winter on record (and yes, that’s saying something).

(** It’s especially good that we got this wall built, because the builder who was coming to rejig our kitchen in November is coming tomorrow. And when we take out the huge fake fireplace in the kitchen we’ll need a place to store all the bricks and hide all the rubble.  Good job we’ve just made space for a tonne of rubble. Literally.) 


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