Who are we? Some are college classmates, others graduate school classmates, who live in different places around the world, but who stay in touch via technology.

Cynthia: Lives in Seattle, WA, works as an online high school history teacher. Knits. Reads. Attempts to play the dating game.

Heather:  Rooted in Western Mass and working at our beloved alma matter! She knits, designs, paints, writes and cooks.  She also volunteers at her town library and loves getting dirty on an organic farm.  Such fun!

Jen: Lives in central Connecticut and teaches history at a local college.  Bakes.  Cooks.  Pretends to exercise.

Sarah: Lives in the Lehigh Valley in southeastern Pennsylvania and teaches a little bit of all kinds of history at a local college. Yogas. Runs. Travels. And more!

Julia: Lives in Wales and is looking forward to restarting the last year of Chiropractic school.  In the meantime, she is restructuring after a cerebellar setback and reacquiring balance, serenity and gardening skills very slowly.


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