Year 2, day whatever

Out with some colleagues I don’t see very often.  It’s good to discuss our frustrations outside the perimeters that create them.


Year 2, month 11 – Julia

Got through 22 pts today, and they all left happy.  Even the one I couldn’t help. Drove home into a glorious full moon, with two meteors and a good view of Mars to boot. Found dinner waiting and am about to end my 14h day with clean sheets. Multiple heavens, I’m lucky today.

Year 2, many months

For friends who keep posting long after I’ve both forgotten to post and forgotten we had a blog. What a crazy year it’s been. Mostly good, but crazy.

Grateful today for warm weather. 70s! Windows open!
For a second set of bookcases to paint.
For the beer in the fridge.
For the mid-level tolerance for crazy.

Year 2, Month 11 – Julia

Had a good walk in the sun with a good friend and a good wife today.

Had ice cream.

Planted parsnips and shallots, and thinned tomatoes and tomatillos and chilli peppers.

Sat in the sun for a bit in the garden.

Have a full day of patients tomorrow, if all goes to plan.  What a luxury, to love my job.

Year 2, Month 10 – Julia

1.  Since we’ve had a month’s worth of rain in the last few days and are in the middle of a hurricane, I am grateful to live on a hill.

2. Solved one small problem and one bigger problem, thus simplifying life.

3. Made a faux pas with a potential employer, but am hoping it rebrands me as memorable. Grateful for the sense of humour on the other end of the phone.


Year 2, Month 10 – Julia

I volunteer with friends of a botanical garden, and this week I was able to cleverly build a new potting bench for them out of scrap wood I’d been saving for too long. Shed is clearer, backs of aged gardeners are happier, new plants are welcomed to their pots more easily, and power tools have had an outing. Good news all round.