Day 2- Heather (it’s my Birthday, woot! woot!)

I am grateful for so many things, but today I’m talking about my friends and family. Lots of love and best wishes have arrived via snail-mail, phone, text, email, and FB. I’m reminded of all the fun, crazy, lovely times I’ve had with everyone as I’ve traveled various routes in my life. I’ve had some amazing and challenging adventures throughout these first thirty-something years and I look forward to sharing many more experiences with all my peeps, new and old.

My heart is full of joy!  And my garden if full of irises that bloomed in the early morning, just in time to greet me with such beauty on this day.

Flowers in the Garden

Lovely irises in the garden

Much love to all! Especially to my Mom & Dad, without whom I would obviously not be here.