Day 28- Heather

I’m grateful that I’m able to donate blood. My dear friend Em has kindly been asked to not attempt donating again, after fainting for the 3rd time.  So, while her heart and soul are into donating, the rest of her body is not. 

I, however, am a champ at donating- good veins, good pumping, and excellent clotting. Today I am going to try doing a double-donation.  I donate because my father received a transfusion after a near-fatal crash the day after I was born.  Thankfully, he survived, but only because someone else took the time to donate.  It’s his birthday today, so I think I’ll give him the Red Sox T-shirt I’ll receive as a gift for donating.  Everyone wins today- my Dad gets the shirt, six to eight people get my blood and plasma, and I get to save someone’s life.  You can’t put a price on that.