Day 65- Heather

I’m grateful for my local, independent bookstore for bringing Chris Bohjalian to discuss “The Sandcastle Girls”. It was a lovely evening, topped with some Delhi Papri Chaat 🙂


Day 60- Heather

For my town librarian who always puts aside the books I want before they go into general circulation. A fantastic perk of being a volunteer 🙂 And this way, I get to read Chris Bohjalian’s new book “The Sandcastle Girls” before he comes to town next Wednesday.   (One of the characters attended MHC!).   I’m so excited!!!  The reviews have been excellent and I can’t wait to dig in tonight.  That is, after I attend another author event, this time for a book written by an MHC alum. It’s the only witch/vampire/demon book (series) I’ve ever agreed to read and I liked them.