Day 102- Heather

For some reason I woke up early today.  I took advantage of the beautiful morning and went to my lovely local cafe, with awesome baristas and even better espresso, for breakfast and a beverage. It’s soooo good!  And now I have knitting and a book I can enjoy for an hour before work 🙂


Days 54 & 55- Heather

Day 54- I’m grateful I have the flexibility and luxury of pure “me time”. Those two hours in the morning at the cafe and a local craft festival was exactly what I needed to boost my spirits.

Day 55- Is there nothing more heartwarming than a purring kitten, a cat and a tail-wagging dog to greet you in the morning? I love my animals! And the one I’m kitten-sitting. By the way, Yoshi has gotten so big in just a week. I’ll have to post a pic soon.

*I’m sure someone’s going to say the smile of their child, but since I don’t have nor want one, my animals are it 🙂

Days 44 & 45- Heather

Day 44- A hot 4th of July. Morning at a cafe for hours, talking, sipping, reading, writing with a friend. BBQ at the farm. Slow evening at home and the final strawberries of the season for dinner. I’m grateful I live in a place where I am free to do almost anything.

Day 45- farmer’s markets on the common followed by a free music concert, and cocktails on the restaurant patio to watch and hear the hubbub. It’s going to be a lovely, albeit HOT, day.

Day 15- Heather

I’m grateful for a half-day of work today, since I work most weekends during the summer.  Days off during the week allow me the opportunity to do some of my favorite things without having to fight the usual weekend crowds.  So today I’m going to see a movie (Snow White & the Huntsman), visit a cafe, fondle some fibers at a yarn store, and have tapas and drinks with friends.  I think it’s going to be a good day 🙂