Day 66- Heather

Serendipity! I’m glad my friend K. suggested coffee during lunch. We went to The Dirty and it happened to be my favorite barista’s last shift ever. I knew it was coming, had thought about it earlier this week, but hadn’t seen her yet to say goodbye. Thankfully she was running late to clock-out! I caught her just in time. She’s moving on, which is wonderful for her… but she’s been slinging my lattes for many years now. I’m seriously going to miss her, not only because she makes a seriously mean drink, but because her effervescence, smile, and good-natured spirit were enough of a pick-me-up in the morning to start the day in a happy place. I wish her all the best! She made me a spectacular farewell beverage of epic proportions; she saved the best for our last encounter. I was her final customer and the last of her “regulars” she hadn’t yet seen to say goodbye. She was equally glad I arrived for coffee when I did. Serendipity in deed.


Day 16- Heather

I’m thankful for Lauren, my awesome coffee barista, who knows how to make a mean latte!  It’s the only thing that got me through this morning’s grueling meeting.