Year 2, Month 12 — Cynthia

Whelp. This bloggity-blog seems to have reached its natural end, which is fine and dandy. So many changes in the last while: new babies, new jobs (though alas, not for me), new everythings. I have new books and some new clothes. I have students who have graduated from college this spring, including from the Alma Mater. My yoga habit continues, 4 times a week. I have a new outgoing voicemail recorded by a famous person — I won it, don’t be that jealous. And here’s something to keep thinking about, from one of my favorite authors, John Green:


Year 2, Days 241-247 — Cynthia

Because my job does not often have the kind of insane weeks I had this past week. For my still relatively new habit of yoga that helps to keep my body from feeling the insane quite as much. For good friends. I feel so lucky to have gone to college where we did. I know not everyone loves their college as much as I/we did and I am so so so thankful to my aunt for suggesting it, for my mom for taking me to visit the first time and for laying out the money for it. Life-changing, in the best sort of way.

Year 2, Days 209-227 — Cynthia

For time with my family, particularly the littles who are growing so fast. For being able to be helpful in a mini-crisis. For travel, despite its frustrations. For holiday meals and desserts. For yoga upon my return after an absence that felt lengthy. For knitting and reading and lovely thoughtful gifts. For a new cookbook to add to my collection and for using one that’s been on the shelf for a bit, to make something delicious to share. For time off. For being able to watch the snow at home and not having to shovel it.