Day 285 – Julia

Spent a very productive hour in the garden with A. We pottered around, diggered over some raised beds, transplanted a wisteria, moved volunteer foxgloves out of the veg patch and into the flower beds and – because there were about 30 of them – moved some into various patches of waste ground too. While I pottered around poking things,  A finally unicycled the length of the garden path (20 feet), managed not to fall down the steps, and discovered that some of the fish are still alive, all at once.  We popped to town and then had sister-in-law L, foster nephew J, and long-lost good friend J over for dinner. I wouldn’t say I excel at maintaining 3 conversations at once, but it was definitely nice to sit down with people for a few hours.  It was really good to catch up with J, distracted by small children though I admittedly was.  I may have also introduced six-year-old J to our childhood game (of throwing each other onto the sofa), and forgotten that autism plus fun plus endings can equal distress very quickly. Luckily L has amazing rapport with him and managed to curtail the tantrums in under 30 seconds. Amazing. And now I’m in bed and it’s only 10:45pm. And I only have seven unread papers lurking under the laptop. Woohoo!



Day 264a – Julia

I had a bit of a Felix Felicis day on Thursday. It certainly felt like intuition and luck, but I suspect it had more to do with getting over a migraine and finally knowing that someone with authority and a basic grasp of logic was about to start captaining the Good Ship Catch 22, leaving me free to get on with the things I needed to.  Anyway, I blew off half of a lecture (which turned out to be the right call), managed to get a reasonable and long-overdue haircut for £7.50, managed to sit down for 5 minutes for lunch, and then walked back to school the long way. I crossed the street unnecessarily, stopped outside the florist’s to tie my shoe, and discovered 5 bunches of white daffodils for £1.   Over the next few hours, four good friends burst into tears for various good reasons, and it was a delight to be able to sneak daffodils into coat pockets and onto desks and watch the results.  I ended up giving the last bunch to L, who whined that just because she hadn’t had a bad day didn’t mean she should be deprived of flowers other people were given. I was loathe to reinforce princess-like behaviour, but used the subsequent peace and quiet to get some useful stuff done. 20p well spent, and 80p geniously spent.



Day 252 – Julia

CMK presentI am genuinely wearing the cuff Cynthia made, even though I know it’s for my coffee cup. Lest you think me peculiar, I do have several good reasons:

1. It’s a warm and snowy little wristwarmer, while outside is cold and howly rainy grim.

2. It makes me happy, and happiness fosters good editing.

3. It’s frankly much prettier than my desk, the papers on it, and the red pen all over those. In fact, it’s so much prettier that it was distracting me. But if it’s on my wrist then I can’t play with it, and have to take the red pen to my word count instead.

5. As this list suggests, I am currently overcaffeinated and therefore should not use it for its intended purpose any time soon.

Day 225 -Heather

Happy New Year! Here’s to a new year full of potential.

I’m at the tail-end of my extended holiday vacation and finally have a chance to get online. It’s been a whirlwind of a week, bouncing around the east coast to visit with friends in different cities. And it has been a blast! A much welcomed vacation and an opportunity to reconnect with my best friends, who I do not get to see often enough. A week packed with laughter and good times, and for that I am exceedingly grateful.

I hope that I’ll be able to spend more time with them in the coming year.

Day 209 – Julia

Hallelu, the Panto went well. My ability to impersonate an ’80s detective I’ve only seen on Youtube is better than I suspected.

Got to spend a day with A! Haven’t seen her for weeks, so was very grateful for some quality time together. We got all of our Christmas shopping done in 3 hours, spent some time discussing an awkward surprise friendship dump (realized we were both kind of done with the situation), sorted out some Chrimbly things and some outstanding paperworky things, and then watched Harry Potter. A has had a hard few weeks and I haven’t really been able to be there for her, so it was really nice to just spend a day together. There’s now a back-log of 2,000 words on clinical audit implementation, but it was worth it.

Days 131- 148- Heather

It’s been quite a stretch since I’ve posted. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had the time to write. And that’s ok, because I’ve been spending the last few weeks enjoying the glorious weather. It is my favorite season and I wait 9 months for it come around again. I wish I lived in perpetual Fall.  I think there is no more splendid place to live than New England in autumn.

In the intervening days since my last post I :

  • went to Denver for a conference and am really grateful for that experience, it was incredibly rewarding
  • spent Columbus Day weekend with E and S visiting our fav places in the valley, made a pit stop at Frontier, went to the top of Sugarloaf, and we finished the weekend sitting on the sofa enjoying bowls of chili and cornbread, while watching comedy (though I didn’t find any of it funny, because I apparently have no sense of humor, or so I was told.  But I wholeheartedly agree.  I’m frakkin hilarious damnit!)
  • saw a bald eagle flying over the CT River
  • went on a few walks in the woods (into the woods, into the woods, yes I’m singing in my head)
  • roamed around Noho for Arts Night with my college BFF
  • had some Delhi papri chaat and I want more, always
  • worked on the farm shucking stalks of brussel sprouts. Let me tell you, it was 27 degrees on Saturday morning, so my hands were FREEZING!  But it turned into a beautiful day, so I….
  • spent the perfect Saturday with Z doing typical leaf-peeping activities: visiting a maple sugar shack, eating maple soft serve and some maple cotton candy, visiting the forever awesome Bookmill, and getting the best Mexican & margaritas around
  • saw the last morning glories of the season bloom
  • watched a swarm of ladybugs hover around the hummingbird feeder that has been abandoned til spring

Finally, I played with my dog and spent hours laughing at his antics. He joined our family 4 years ago this week. I love my dog!  I’m sharing a picture of Hunter and his cuteness from his first days with the family. Wasn’t he the cutest??! So damn cute!

Hunter- Cuttest Puppy in the World!

Days 114-123 -Heather

Dear blog- I do love you and I’m sorry for cheating on you with books, fiber, leaves, and farming. I apologize. And with email being down this morning I can finally tell you what I’ve been grateful for this week. I’ve been keeping a list hoping we’d see each other again soon.
Day 114- for friends who can pull me out of the blues.
Day 115-Books! Piles of books brought to the library for donation.
Day 116-for the end of an emotional week and a weekend to myself at home, alone.
Day 117- crockpots + bushel of apples & spices =applesauce
Day 118- the last crop of tomatoes, that also ended up in the crockpots for tomato sauce.
Day 119- I’ve said it before, but I’m grateful for Z introducing me to Delhi Papri Chaat. It’s always a special day when we go to NoHo for some seriously good food.
Day 120- for my goofy damn dog, Hunter, who always makes me smile. Even/especially when he’s being a dumbass.
Day 121- for the lovely sunshine filtering through the leaves during my walk.

Tomorrow I’m going to be grateful I get to reconnect with an author I met in a remote Alaskan Native village in the Arctic when I was doing my graduate research and he was working on his first book.

On Friday I’m going to be grateful that I have the DAY OFF! So I’ll be out exploring WMass during my favorite season! I FALL in love with WMass every year 🙂

Days 106-109- Heather

Wow. I can’t seem to stay on track at all can I?!! I’m grateful this blog can be whatever we want it to be… and if we fall off schedule for a little while there are no immediate or dire consequences. 🙂

Tuesday (106)-For big fat frogs that come out at night and party outside my window. It’s comical to hear them hopping along.
Wednesday (107)- My bed. Honestly, I can’t tell you how grateful I was to be able to go home to a room and a bed of my own. I was asleep by 7pm because it was the only thing I could do to escape the sinus headache that had been plaguing me for 3 consecutive days. I love my bed.
Thursday (108)- For friends who know just what to say when I need it most.
Friday (109)- A peregrine falcon swooped down from the trees and guided my car onto campus this morning. After getting over the shock of something flying at windshield, I was able to slow down and watch the falcon glide down the hill before swirling up to the branches near the greenhouse. Raptors are truly amazing and I envy their ability to float on air-streams.