Year 2, week 4- Heather

For my nephew and his adorable grin. For spending a summer’s night with friends around the fire, talking, imbibing, and making s’mores. For the fireflies twinkling in the yard. And for the cutest little turtle that greeted me at work the other day. 2013-06-20 17.01.46


Year 2, week 3- Heather

For the wandering bear visiting our house.  He’s a yearling that I am certain I saw as a cub last spring. Here’s to hoping he loses interest in the neighbor’s chicken coop… and stops making the neighborhood watch dogs go spazzzztic every night.

For starry nights, campfires, s’mores, bottles of wine, and strawberries. Lots of intoxicating strawberries.

Year 2- Weeks 1 and 2- Heather

Having learned a lot about myself this last year, I know I’m incapable of posting every day, so while I will try, I’m likely going to post once a week. Year 2 started while I was away on vacation, spending time on the coast of Maine with my girlfriend, and relishing every moment of relaxation before diving into the craziness that is my summers.

Week 2- I caught a cold. A nasty little summer cold that had me down and out for the week. But I’m on the mend after shocking my body with vitamin C, lemon ginger honeyed tea, and lots of spicy foods. Oh and plenty of sleep and hallucinogenic, dream-inducing NyQuil.

My goal for year two is to post more and take more photos. Below are two photos capturing how I’ve spent my time in recent weeks and months.
The first is of Maine from the misty vacation. The second is of the little man who has stolen my heart with his every hiccup, sneeze, gasp, murmur, and especially smile, my nephew Cal.

photo 3

Day 365- Heather (you know, the person who posted for 2/3 of the year)

From the silent, less frequent, I think I missed 100 days of posting, participant in this year of blog….. I have been reading the blog even when I missed posting; it was easier to read than to post these last few months, solely due to lack of time. I have thoroughly enjoyed the window into the lives of three amazing women, who I very much admire. Your continued posts have inspired me and reminded me on my most challenging days that I need to stop and appreciate all that I have. That I need to be grateful for the little things.

I’ve been exceedingly grateful these last few months. My life has gotten really busy, my heart is full and there have been some deeply rewarding experiences. I keep reminding myself that I am exceedingly lucky, in the grand scheme of things.

Tomorrow I celebrate my 35th birthday!! I am very grateful for a mini-vacation with my girlfriend, who has been a constant surprise since we met a few months ago. We’re heading up to Maine for a few days and will be enjoying every moment of our time together! And while on our adventure, I’m shopping for items to spoil my new nephew . He is absolutely adorable and I love him to pieces.

Thank you Jen for starting me on the blog, and for Cythia and Julia who managed to keep posting no matter what.
Much love to all!
p.s.- did I see Jen ask if people wanted to do year #2?

262- Heather

For the five minutes I had this morning to read through everyone else’s posts from this week 🙂

Today I’m thankful for an early morning with time to myself. Nice to have that before descending in to the pit of crazy.

Oh, and for that awesome bagel I had for breakfast, especially since it’s the first one I’ve been able to eat in a month since the tooth/jaw surgery. Small things. It’s the small things.

Day 246- Heather

For the five seconds I have to pop in to say hello.  Grateful for the post-it note on my monitor reminding me to breathe and for the presence of mind to keep it together while holding down the office as I do the job of 3 people.  Grateful. Breathe. Grateful. Breath.  

Extremely grateful for the SURPRISE package I got last week 🙂  I won’t post a pic now, but I will as soon as everyone has their lovelies.  Thanks Cynthia!!  I didn’t have one, though had intended to make one for eons.  So thank you, for being so kind.

I’m grateful for the medical insurance and the prescription pain meds that kept me from crawling the walls these last few weeks.  Grateful to be healing well, though, I still don’t have full feeling in my tongue and some foods don’t taste the same….. really hoping that heals in time as well.



Day 230- Heather

I’ve been incapacitated for a few days due to a wisdom tooth extraction. Yay. Now, if only the feeling in my tongue would come back and the constant throbbing in my jaw that’s making the rest of my teeth and my ear hurt would just go away, I’d be ever thankful. But for now, I’m grateful I have dental insurance, a flex plan, and prescription drugs that keep me from weeping in pain.

Day 225 -Heather

Happy New Year! Here’s to a new year full of potential.

I’m at the tail-end of my extended holiday vacation and finally have a chance to get online. It’s been a whirlwind of a week, bouncing around the east coast to visit with friends in different cities. And it has been a blast! A much welcomed vacation and an opportunity to reconnect with my best friends, who I do not get to see often enough. A week packed with laughter and good times, and for that I am exceedingly grateful.

I hope that I’ll be able to spend more time with them in the coming year.