Year 2, day whatever

Out with some colleagues I don’t see very often. ¬†It’s good to discuss our frustrations outside the perimeters¬†that create them.


Year 2, many months

For friends who keep posting long after I’ve both forgotten to post and forgotten we had a blog. What a crazy year it’s been. Mostly good, but crazy.

Grateful today for warm weather. 70s! Windows open!
For a second set of bookcases to paint.
For the beer in the fridge.
For the mid-level tolerance for crazy.

Days 147 through today, which is about day 190?–Jen

It’s a funny thing, when a person feels the itch to stop posting. I’m not sure what it is. Something about the habit of it became feeling like I had to–rather than I ought, for me–and so I stopped. But with Thanksgiving yesterday, today feels like a good time to return.

For friends who don’t judge in the meantime; for getting through the first tenure hoop; for snuggly kitties; for two really awesome sections of the plain old US history survey this term; for families; for wisdom.

Days 137-139–Jen

Today’s been a weird day. It’s been a weird week. And while I did scarf down a donut today that I wasn’t actually hungry for, I’m glad I haven’t made a habit of feeding my angst lately (I did, for a long time). And I’m thankful I no longer need to look at moments like this donut as personality flaws. It was good. Done.